Isnam Taljić's Book Promotion at Burch University - International Burch University

Isnam Taljić’s Book Promotion at Burch University

„Kızıl Elmanın Altında Yeniden Görüşeceğiz: Fatih Sultan Mehmed, Boşnaklar ve Bosna Hakkında Roman“ book was promoted by its author Isnam Taljić on October 21 at the campus of Internartional Burch University. The promotion, organized by the Oriental Philology Department and students DESK club was a topic of interest of many students and staff of the University.

„Kizil Elmanin Altinda Bulusalim: Fatih Sultan Mehmed ve Bosna Hersek“is a title of a book newly translated into Turkish. Its author Taljić presented it as a novel which is consisted of historical facts commented from different angle than the common history lessons. Taljić, who used sources available in Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries, after 4 years long research and writing process wanted to present Mehmed II, known as the Conqueror, as a person who is inspiration by its life and achievements.

According to author, an aim of writing this book was to bring closer Ottoman history to Bosnians and Herzegovinians, and address the Bosnians community in Turkey.

Students were eager to get more details about writer research process after the official presentation, and at the end Head of Oriental Philology Department, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ali Riza Ozuygun, awarded the writer with Appreciation Certificate.
Isnam Taljić is Bosnian writer born in Vlasenica, who built his career as journalist and researcher writing for newspaper and publishing novels. Today Taljić is professional writer who has published 29 books, which were translated into different world languages.