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La Trobe and International Burch University Established Cooperation with PSI Company



PSI is a company and scientific research center with 25 years of successful practice and is considered the world’s leading center in design, development, and production of instruments in the field of biosensors, plant science, biotechnology, and agriculture.

The purpose of visit to the PSI company is industry bridging grant disbursed to professor Čustović by the Australian Federal Government to establish greater cooperation and produce new instrument used for scientific research under the working title phenocube. He was joined by professor Jokić, head of LIEF Lab Sarajevo at IBU and Diego Lozano, researcher and Ph.D. student from La Trobe University. This visit was an opportunity for professor Dejan Jokić, IBU staff member, to learn more about PSI company, their business operations, research and development activities, production and global impact.

During the five-day visit, it was agreed that software for two new research instruments developed by PSI will be tested and designed at IBU in Sarajevo.

A call for scholarship application will soon be opened at IBU where one Ph.D. student will be awarded full EU scholarship which covers two years at IBU and one year at PSI. Professors Jokić and Čustović also made arrangements with PSI for the organization of Summer School at PSI in the following 12 months where students would use grants to visit PSI and learn from world-class scientists and engineers. The Summer School would provide for better understanding of inter-disciplinary approach used for combining biology, engineering, information technology and mathematics for the purpose of finding the solution for the global problem of food security for growing population. This call will be open to all students from Bosnia and Herzegovina and coordinated by IBU and PSI. It is important to emphasize that BHFF (Bosnia & Herzegovina Futures Foundation) will also provide support because it is their aim to help the development of young people through education in the area of technology and leadership.

This is a proof that our international associates provide excellent opportunities for our talented students and professors to be involved in projects with global significance. There is also a preliminary agreement that the LIEF Lab in Sarajevo will be a long-term partner of PSI in the creation of new workplaces in Bosnia and Herzegovina.