Lamija Balic Wins Bronze Medal in Brazil - International Burch University
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October 16, 2019
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Lamija Balic Wins Bronze Medal in Brazil



Lamija Balic, a former Richmond Park College student, today a first-year student at the Architecture Department of International Burch University, traveled to Brazil to present her environmental project with the theme “Biolution for Pollution” at the 34th „MOSTRATECˮ International Science Olympiad.

The idea, which she worked intensively on for four years, is about making a bioplastic, which in its composition is significantly different from real plastic. Namely, the bioplastic made by Lamia is made of natural materials that break down faster in the earth, making the plastic less harmful to nature, plants, and animals. To achieve the strength and flexibility of this product, Lamia used vegetable glycerin, a potato starch with the addition of natural additives.

After winning gold at the BOSEPO competition, Lamia won two awards at the Brazil Olympics with this unique idea, a bronze medal for the idea of environment protection and a medal for the best-designed project at the level of all projects.

When asked how she feels about this success and what her ultimate goal is, Lamia very modestly but proudly replies:

 „I am very happy that my idea has been recognized internationally. I think that with our attitude and ideas we can change people’s consciousness and protect our environment. I am especially pleased that I had the opportunity, as the only representative from BiH, to represent my country above all and to show that young people in our country have a lot of potentials. I am especially grateful to my mentor prof. Azra Ahmić who closely followed my work as well as the sponsors who enabled me to go to this exotic country.ˮ

It is a great pleasure to have young, talented and persistent people in the IBU academic community who want to actively participate with the aim of contributing to building a better and healthier society.