Lemana Spahić wins first place at the CMBEBIH 2019 - International Burch University
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May 31, 2019
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June 7, 2019

Lemana Spahić wins first place at the CMBEBIH 2019

More than 300 participants from 45 world countries attended the conference and engaged in scientific discussions. Among 115 research papers, Lemana authored 6 and presented 4 of her works. All papers will be published by the prestigious Springer publications as well as IFMBE Proceedings of CMBEBIH 2019.

A great number of projects and scientific papers was presented at the conference – papers whose authors and mentors are world-leading scientists from the field of Medical and Biological Engineering. Lemana won first place with her project „Prostate Tissue Classification Based on PSA and mtDNA Using Artificial Neural Networks“. The award is a free registration fee for the prestigious MEDICON conference, which will be held in Portugal this September.

Lemana’s articles have already been published in some of the top world journals; she has actively been engaged in many project and researches, and she is currently working on her Master’s thesis. Lemana always emphasizes the importance of support she has had from her professor, and she says she is extremely happy to have professor dr. Almir Badnjević as a mentor. He helps her develop her career and introduce her to the industry of biomedical engineering functions in real life.