Meet our club: SAFE club - International Burch University
March 12, 2021
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March 22, 2021

Meet our club: SAFE club

The Student Association of Faculty of Education and Humanities (SAFE) is an umbrella organization of FEH students, but exceptions can be made when membership is concerned. Their main objectives are encouragement and promotion of humanitarian work, student activism in both academic and non – academic environments, and providing opportunities for internships and additional education to students. Currently, there are 54 members of the Association including President Emir Šogolj and Vice President Ajla Aljović. The most important achievement of SAFE during the fall semester is the initiation of the Memoranda of Understanding between International Burch University, Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable Opportunities and PRONI Center for Youth Activism. During the online conferences with the mentioned organizations, the director of BRAVO and the general manager of the PRONI recognized the common goals and potential offered by this student club, but also the University as a whole.

“The Student Association of the Faculty of Education and Humanities (SAFE) which I have the honor of presiding over, has proven itself in this past semester to still be one of the most well organized and hardworking student clubs. We have achieved great cooperation with various organizations from the field of humanitarian work and youth development. Our members have always shown their support and dedication to our work, even when we organized two events in the middle of the final exams. We were lucky enough to get a chance to introduce our members and other students to great opportunities of further developing themselves in terms of both their personal and professional lives. Our ultimate goal is to leave a legacy of work that our predecessors would be proud of, that our members will be thankful for being a part of, and that our successors will strive towards reaching,” stated Emir Šogolj, a president of SAFE.

Emir Šogolj, president of SAFE

„Despite the pandemic and new ways of work, SAFE managed to do an excellent job during the previous semester. We hosted numerous events with successful guests who have rich biographies from various fields of activity, enjoyed every second of their lectures and broadened our horizons. We are proud of every Association member, their commitment and diligence, but also the Memoranda of Understanding between International Burch University, BRAVO and PRONI, which were signed at the initiative of SAFE. It is a great honor and pleasure to be a part of successful stories and collaborations. We have prepared many more surprises and events for the spring semester, so we invite you to follow our Facebook page and Instagram profile. Also, for all questions and potential joining the Association, feel free to contact us,“ – Ajla Aljović, SAFE Vice President.

Ajla Aljović, SAFE Vice President

We are grateful to SAFE for their passion and commitment in promoting our University and we hope they will keep up the good work in the future. Some of their other activities include: AIESEC conference, Work and Travel USA conference, conference with Srce puno osmjeha organization, celebration of New Year and the Statehood Day etc.