Motivational Speech by Tomislav Cvitanušić at BURCH University - International Burch University
Training For ASUBiH Members Held at BURCH University
March 13, 2017
A Visit of Marko Vešović to BURCH University Accompanied by Birthday Celebration
March 15, 2017

Motivational Speech by Tomislav Cvitanušić at BURCH University



Before the actual lecture, the audience was given the chance to watch a documentary called Aconcagua 2015, which shows the struggle through which Mr. Cvitanušić and his companions went on their way to reaching the highest mountain in South America, located in Argentina near the border with Chile. As our speaker said, for him the biggest pleasure was bringing the Bosnian flag to the top of the mountain. As he commented, the reason he does all of that is to test his own limits, but also to learn to be grateful. During the lecture, he discussed the meaning of fear and anxiety, but also tried to show their irrelevance to the actual results of an event.

“People should only fear for those things that they can change”, said Mr. Cvitanušić. Furthermore, he talked about the meaning of the 2% of the population, which are the only people that are willing to get out of their comfort zones. He also showed from which point time management should begin, by mentioning that a person is given 168 hours in a week and it is his choice how to use them. Mr. Cvitanušić provided a list of the rules which show people what to do in order to be unmotivated and remain in that 98% of the population. But he also showed, by example and words, what it looks like when you become a part of that 2%.

At the end, after numerous questions from the audience, the Head of the Department of Management, Prof. Mersid Poturak, handed a letter of appreciation and a gift to our guest.