‘Neurotransmission and Pain’ Lecture held - International Burch University

‘Neurotransmission and Pain’ Lecture held

‘Neurotransmission and Pain’ Lecture held

On the 27th of March, Ms. Elma Ferić, currently a Scientist in the Neuroscience Department at Amgen, Inc., visited the campus of International Burch University and held a guest lecture for students and staff of Department of Genetics and Bioengineering.

Ms. Ferić talked about fundamental neurological concepts such as neurotransmission and pain path physiology and used that as an introduction into the current drug targets she is investigating in her role at Amgen. She focused on the importance of understanding pain from both a positive perspective, as a protective mechanism, as well as a negative perspective, namely a need that is still severely unmet. She highlighted the difficulties of scientific research, but also made sure her audience knew how she uses those hurdles as inspirations to move forward.

Ms. Ferić also shared some of her path into the field of neuroscience and how she eventually pursued a degree at Harvard. She focused on the importance of passion and a true desire as two of the most important driving forces in her pursuits, hoping to inspire Burch students to do the same.

Guest lecturer Ferić closed her lecture with a warm welcome to a number of deep and challenging questions she was asked by many members of the audience. The lecture was not only awarded with a great applause, but many students rushed to the guest speaker after the talk to ask further questions and share their own thoughts.