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Everyone and everything at IBU is involved in the enterprise of quality assurance, because everyone, no matter what their status, position or role, is the manager of their own responsibilities.

IBU recognizes that developing quality assurance culture requires perseverance and involvement of all parties active in the business of providing education. All staff members need to understand quality assurance system implications and to work to the systems as well as follow the procedures that have been put in place.

What is the role of universities management?

IBU top management understands that a passion for excellence cannot be communicated from behind the desk. Therefore top management actively participates in the process of quality assurance which gives them a full appreciation of those who work day to day on the ‘front lines’ Major functions of top management in quality assurance at IBU include:

Communicating a clear vision for the institution
Empowering teachers
Meeting customers need
Developing appropriate mechanisms for evaluation and monitoring success.
Leading innovation
Leading staff developmen
Importance of Teamwork

Teamwork is IBUs essential component of quality assurance process. Teamwork extends and penetrates throughout the institution. It is used in a wide range of decision making and problem solving situations. It exists at all levels and includes both academic and administrative staff.

What is my role in Self – evaluation Report?

Writing of SER is an ongoing activity that requires involvement of all academic and administrative staff. At the end of each semester several regular activities take place, such as:

Evaluation of academic staff through course evaluation
Academic staff workload calculation
Calculation of GPS and student passing rate
Self evaluation of each academic and administrative unit
Self evaluation of each employee through reports
ECTS course calculation
What is my role in the quality assurance process?

Assuring quality is the responsibility of every employee at the university. Your involvement in following existing procedures, policies, guidelines and rulebooks as well as full participation in surveys and reviews of Office for Standardization and Quality Assurance is fundamental for improvement and enhancement of student’s learning experience. They provide us with extremely important information and feedback on how to alter and adjust teaching structure and techniques, curriculum content, lecture approaches and methodology.

University encourages you to be pro-active in identifying and addressing quality related problems and opportunities so that we can enable our students to reach their maximum potential.



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