Our professors became members of the Kulin Initiative - International Burch University
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December 24, 2020
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December 29, 2020

Our professors became members of the Kulin Initiative

Two of our professors, Dino Kečo and Zerina Mašetić, have recently joined advisory board of Kulin Initiative, Think Thank group that aspires to create a better Bosnia and Herzegovina which attracts foreign direct investment, develops its infrastructure fully, mitigates brain drain and thrives on innovation.

“With so much pleasure, I accepted the invitation to become a member of the Kulin Initiative Advisory Board. I will offer the knowledge, experiences, and resources I have to fulfill the mission of my role in the Initiative and make a better Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said professor Zerina Mašetić.

“I decided to accept the role of a board member at Kulin Initiative because I think that with my knowledge of technology, I can contribute to making Bosnia a better society for all its citizens,” added professor Dino Kečo.

Kulin Initiative is specializing in political, economic, social, and technological policies. Their mission is to make progress in all these areas creating business-friendly environment, a thriving start-up culture, fostering innovation and building infrastructure.

For more information visit website: https://www.kulininitiative.org/.