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October 23, 2019
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October 29, 2019

Our Student Amina Hodzic and Her Journey Through Europe



Amina Hodzic, IBU student from the Graphic Design and Multimedia Department (Faculty of Education and Humanities) won the competition “My Travel to Europe” organized by the EU Info Center.

Amina created a travel plan that was selected as the best in the first cycle of the competition and was given the means to realize her plan to promote European values while traveling.

During her 15-day trip, she was able to visit Berlin, Brussels, Bruges, Paris, Venice, and Ljubljana. Her companion was her brother, Abdulah Hodzic. Amina wanted to experience all that modern travel has to offer, and made a profile on the Couchsurfing platform and met amazing people in the cities she visited, booked an apartment through the Airbnb platform, and also experienced sleeping in hostels with many backpackers from all over the world.

“Is there a better way to educate yourself than traveling? Not only that, traveling helps you become independent and creative. Putting yourself out of the comfort zone has the power to inspire you on many different levels, especially when it comes to experiencing new environments, sharing stories with strangers you meet along the way, or just observing everything that surrounds you ”Amina explained.

What she pointed out to be the most fascinating is the power of the community that exists in EU countries, giving the example of 10,000 people in Berlin and Germany participating in „Friday for the Futureˮ climate protests. She stated that she also felt respect for diversity, and came across open and friendly people, and generally speaking, she realized that the richness of different cultures that exist builds a better place to live for everyone.

In the end, Amina concludes, “Young people need to travel, explore and educate themselves through unique challenges in different settings.” With the opportunities that exist today for young people, Amina believes it is possible to create the opportunities you want. She also hopes that her experience will inspire some of you reading this text to explore all the possibilities and allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone.

Inspire yourself and the world around you!