Panel Discussion “Women in Politics” Held at BURCH University - International Burch University
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March 6, 2017
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March 9, 2017

Panel Discussion “Women in Politics” Held at BURCH University

Mrs. Srna-Bajramović and Mrs. Ćudić spoke about the role of women in politics and about the importance of the presence of women in politics.

“Women in legislative bodies bring with them new perspectives and positively influence the legislative process”, commented Mrs. Ćudić, while Mrs. Srna-Bajramović confirmed the same with an example about the Law on Safety of Canton Sarajevo and the case with Dženan Memić.

They also highlighted the fact that women support each other both in parliamentary work and in activities outside of parliaments. An example of female solidarity is the Caucus of Women Parliamentarians of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is the “first multipartisan caucus in the history” of the country and which was formed to work on the betterment of women.

“We have to work towards reducing the difference between men and women”, said Mrs. Srna-Bajramović, while Mrs. Ćudić commented that it is imperative to care about the social questions which will bring about an overall betterment of the society for all of us, including women.

“The battle for equality doesn’t end when we women enter Parliament. On the contrary, it is only then that we begin to fight to remain where we are and for our voice to be heard”, concluded Mrs. Ćudić and Mrs. Srna-Bajramović agreed.

A part of the way that Burch Diplomacy Club marked International Women’s Day is delegating all formal roles, that would otherwise belong to men, to women so the honor of awarding the certificates of appreciation went to the Vice President of Burch Diplomacy Club Melisa H. Mehmedović, while the moderator was Mersiha Jaskić and the master of ceremonies Hata Kujraković. Burch Diplomacy Club is proud of the hardworking and exemplary female members, which not only increase the beauty average, but also the intelligence average of the Club.

The guests expressed a high level of satisfaction of the organization and the organizers as well, and are welcoming the next encounter.

After the panel discussion, the guests and some members of Burch Diplomacy Club took time out of their busy afternoons for socializing and discussing timely topics with a cup of coffee and/or tea. They spoke about the transformation of the role of women in the period of one human life, about the role of the state in bettering the role of women in society, about the relationship between men and women in politics, and about other topics related to women in politics.

Mrs. Segmedina Srna-Bajramović is a member of the Assembly of Canton Sarajevo and a delegate in the House of Peoples of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and a vice-president of the Social Democratic Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mrs. Sabina Ćudić is also a member of the Assembly of Canton Sarajevo and a vice-president of Our Party.