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Be a PhD in International Relations and EU Studies

PHD program gives you the opportunity to think deeper about political issues

In a post-truth era, societies everywhere depend on protecting democracy through meaningful bonding of political authority and policy relevant academic research. Governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as political parties, voters, and especially the youth, are increasingly asking questions that only well-trained social scientists can address: what is true, who can be trusted, and what should be done?


If you decide to pursue a PhD at the Department of International Relations and European Studies

  • You will be introduced to modern research methods

  • You will work in close collaboration with your senior colleagues

  • Your intellectual safety will always be challenged

  • Your intellectual growth will always be our goal

  • You will learn how to help others learn

  • You will develop a life-long professional network

  • Program

    IRES offers a 3-year (3+2+3) and 180 ECTS, full time program that develops academicians capable of conducting rigorous policies relevant to social science research and delivering their findings to various audiences.

    Through a combination of an in-depth immersion into key social science scholarship, writing and teaching, the curriculum aims to equip its graduates with marketable intellectual skills necessary for success in academia, public advocacy and government.

    Curriculum of the PhD Program_ENG

    Curriculum of the PhD Program_BOS

    Develop original ideas and become a driver of social change!

    The program emphasizes on:


    Our great professors
    They just keep doing research and voilà!

    Assist. Prof. Dr. Mladen Mrdalj

    We at IBU IRES see our students as citizens seeking deeper understanding of the world around them. Therefore, we tailor our courses to reflect an often neglected certainty – our graduates will in one way or another be contributing to the state of society. We want it to be for the better. Hence, we always strive towards making our courses relevant for social realities of our students without sacrificing academic rigor and global perspectives.

    We want them from day one to see the practical use of everything we do, from discussing Thucydides, writing an academic or newspaper article to learning how to control the classroom. We want them not only to find good jobs after graduation, but to be good citizens as well.


    We love to make connections
    and asking questions is always encouraged

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