Practical Experience at the Thermal Power Plant Kakanj - International Burch University

Practical Experience at the Thermal Power Plant Kakanj

At the beginning of the visit the students were shown how the whole facility looks like on a large physical model, as well as some parts of the power plant. They were, in addition, shown many other items and processes that might be of interest and which they saw later. Some of those were generators when it comes to production, methods of electric power distribution as well as the control units. The students have visited almost all the parts of the power plant, ranging from steam production units to the turbines and generators that produce electric power. The most interesting was Block 7 where most of the electricity is being produced.

The great hosts then provided us also with a little lunch and coffee break.

After seeing the generators the students visited the distribution systems and were explained the ways in which electricity is being transferred from the generators to end users. The tour was completed by visiting the control centers.

The visit was very exciting and motivating when it comes to all aspects of engineering, not only for those students interested in power engineering, but also those who deal with electronics or control systems. The students and professors were truly satisfied with the visit and expressed the wish to create many similar activities.