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You have made your final decision! You have chosen your department! You have chosen our University! But, you are still worried about your knowledge of English language. You do not have to be because the IBU Preparatory School of English Language provides a diverse language learning environment that will help you overcome your fear. Our program will give you the opportunity to acquire new means of communication including expanded vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation while further enhancing your already existing English language skills. Using strategic tools and study plan tailored to your needs, we will help your language skills grow and prepare you for following and understanding lectures at your departments without any obstacles.

Our education model

The school runs a two-semester intensive program placing emphasis on basic communication skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking. To successfully finish the program at the Preparatory School of English Language (PSEL), students are required to reach B2 level of English language proficiency.

The curriculum at PSEL is fashioned to bring the level of students to the basic minimum required for studying at their chosen departments.

Students are placed in four groups (A1, A2, B1, and B2) according to the score they have achieved in the placement test with CEFR (Common European Framework) reference levels. These foreign language proficiency scales are accompanied by a detailed analysis of communicative contexts, themes, tasks and purposes.

The PSEL recognizes the need to constantly evaluate and renew itself so as to better meet the needs of its students. It focuses on the areas of core syllabus specification, content-based instruction, academic reading and writing, and computer based language learning.

Our education model

Student Guidelines

Duration of Studies in the Preparatory School of English Language

The total duration of the PSEL is one year. Students are required to complete the program within a maximum of two years.

Students who fail to complete the program in two years have the option to register on suspended status.
Students on suspended status are enrolled after paying one-fourth of that semester's tuition fee.

Students who are not enrolled within one month of the first day of classes as stated in the Academic Calendar are dismissed from University.

Suspended students do not attend the lessons at Preparatory School, but study on their own. They may enroll at their chosen departments if they pass the proficiency exam held at the end of each semester, or if they submit an external exam result as indicated in the Article 6.

In order for the external exam applications to be taken into consideration, the students will need to have an enrolled status at the University for the current semester.

Students who fail the IBU proficiency exam at the end of the semester may enroll again in the following semester with the same status.

Suspended students cannot benefit from University’s scholarships.

IBU Proficiency & Placement Test

IBU Proficiency & Placement Test is the name given to a combination of tests prepared by the academic staff of the PSEL for the students who want to be exempt from Preparatory School. Based on the test score, the student will be exempt from Preparatory School or assigned to a correspoding level group in Preparatory School.

There is no make-up exam for IBU Proficiency & Placement Test. Medical reports are not accepted as an excuse for this exam.

The exam is held three times a year: In January, June, and September.

Attendance & Administrative regulations

Attendance is obligatory at Preparatory School of English Language.

Absenteeism limit is 15 % of the study hours.

The student who exceeds the absenteeism limit till the end of the term without a valid and documented excuse will not be able to graduate from the PSEL.

Student whose absence is more than the allowed number of hours will not be able to successfully complete the program.

Students who do not attend the exam unexcused will be considered to have obtained 0 (zero).

Students who are late for class will be marked as absent by the instructors.

Students who do not bring their class materials are also marked absent.

Any kind of exchange of stationary items or educational materials during exams and classes is not allowed.

Students who bring their mobile phones must keep them turned off during class time.

Mobile phones are collected during examinations.

Notebook computers cannot be used in the classrooms. If students bring them to classrooms, they must be kept in their cases.

Due to COVID pandemic, all classes and examinations are held online. Absenteeism limits and other regulations are still in force.


Level A1 - Beginner

A student shall be classified as level A1
if all of the following criteria are met:

  • The student understands and speaks conversational and academic English with hesitancy and difficulty.
  • The student understands parts of lessons and simple directions.
  • The student is at a pre-emergent or emergent level of reading and writing in English, significantly below grade level

Level A2 - Pre - Intermediate

A student shall be classified as level A2
if all of the following criteria are met:

  • The student understands and speaks conversational and academic English with decreasing hesitancy and difficulty.
  • The student is post-emergent, developing reading comprehension and writing skills in English.
  • The student’s English literacy skills allow the student to demonstrate academic knowledge in content areas with assistance.

Level B1 - Intermediate

A student shall be classified as level B1
if all of the following criteria are met:

  • The student understands and speaks conversational English without apparent difficulty, but understands and speaks academic English with some hesitancy.
  • The student continues to acquire reading and writing skills in content areas needed to achieve department level expectations with assistance.

Level B2 - Upper - Intermediate

A student shall be classified as level B2
if all of the following criteria are met:

  • The student understands and speaks conversational and academic English well.
  • The student is near proficient in reading, writing, and content area skills needed to meet grade level expectations.
  • The student requires occasional support.
  • The student reads, writes, speaks and comprehends English within academic classroom settings.