Brigadier General Marti J. Bissell visited International Burch University
November 6, 2019

Prof. dr. Damir Marjanovi? held a guest lecture for Ethnicity and Cultural Politics course

On Thursday, October 31, 2019, Prof. dr. Damir Marjanović, held a guest lecture for students of the Department of International Relations and European Studies as a part of Ethnicity and Cultural Politics course, taught by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Adis Maksić, about the genetic game and origins of people of BiH.

Prof. dr. Damir Marjanović, a geneticist in the fields of molecular anthropology, forensic and population genetics, joined ECP class, held a lecture about genes and differences between people, Slavs in general. Marjanović emphasized the fact that people are biologically just one big population, and that our components of genes are different.

The lecture started with the very origins of the people who habituated ground of today’s BiH. Archaeologist found remains of life dating from Palaeolithic age, which were concluded to be humans, more similar to African people than habitants of today. Remains date from before The Last Glacial Maximum, one of the few who survived.

Talking about history, Marjanović mentioned The Great Roman Empire influence on the population of BiH’s territory. The impact came with emigration and the exchange of the genetic material between two peoples, which was significant in the further evolution of BiH’s population.