Professors From Burch University Established Cooperation With the World Institute of IHP - International Burch University
IBU Professor Nejdet Dogru visited University of Valladolid in Spain
December 13, 2019
Burch University Representative Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erna Husukić in COST Project
December 17, 2019

Professors From Burch University Established Cooperation With the World Institute of IHP



Within the project “AIRCOM” – Application of artificial intelligence in radio communication systems, a workshop was held in Frankfurt. The project is led by IHP (Frankfurt Institute of Microelectronics) and International Burch University and is funded by DFG (German Research Foundation for the Promotion of Science and Research).

The topic of the project is the application of artificial intelligence in radio communication systems, where the project involves two separate teams of experts whose fields of activity are divided into hardware and software. The hardware part of the project is the responsibility of a team of IHP experts who have designed a new generation of chips for advanced radio communications systems that are expected to be commercially available in a few years. The other team consists of professors from Burch University who are in charge of implementing artificial intelligence in these systems, the so-called software part of the project.

Namely, IBU professors from the Department of Electrical Engineering: Assist. Prof. Dr. Dejan Jokić, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jasmin Kevrić, and professors from the Department of Information Technologies Assist.  Prof. Dr. Zerina Mašetić, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nejdet Dogru and Assist. Prof. Dr. Samed Jukic are dealing with artificial intelligence for a long time. Within the framework of a two-day visit to IHP, they presented their achievements in the above-mentioned area. With the increasing use of artificial intelligence, they got an amazing opportunity for a unique collaboration. Burch professors have been introduced to new technologies of chip design found in applications in the automotive industry, in space applications for the European Space Agency, and new high-frequency radar systems.

Visiting IHP and having a presentation as part of the project, Burch professors enabled access to the latest technology in the world to all BiH students.

One of the segments of the collaboration concerns the organization of a workshop which will be held at Burch next year, where all students, those who want, could be included in the mentioned area of research. Students will be offered a variety of research topics in the field of designing and using special chips for the auto industry, radar systems, and space applications.

 “We will tailor our Master’s and Ph.D. exams to the needs of the research so that students would be able to acquire the necessary skills before they are involved in project design. The implementation of the projects would take place simultaneously at Burch and IHP where the students would spend a considerable amount of time during the preparation of master’s theses and doctoral dissertations. We have already tested this concept and two of our students at IHP have successfully completed the practical part of their master’s theses, which allowed us to continue cooperation with this prestigious institute,” explained Assist. Prof. Dr. Dejan Jokic, team leader at Burch University.

During the visit, the professors had the opportunity to visit the Clean room where the chips are made and then the Demo room where the chips are tested. After the workshop, which was more than successful, the project participants agreed on new and concrete lines of research within the project.