Promotion of the Book "The Emperor's Eyes- Silver Faucet" by Džemaludin Latić - International Burch University

Promotion of the Book “The Emperor’s Eyes- Silver Faucet” by Džemaludin Latić

Part of the song “Jelenče”:

“Prije nego se zora pomolila

Šumama se čuo lavež ljuti

Nekoga su lovci i psi žuti

Potjerali iz majčina krila”

Distinguished late begun his lecture.

The audience was addressed in order to get them closer to literature with emphasis on poetry. Written primarily focused on just understanding poetry as such, explaining the importance of lyrical images without which neither to poetry existed nor a reader could understand.

„With poetry, you should be careful. There are all kinds of written peace. Poetry is as a site, it could enchant you and take you to the other world. You need a key that will open your door to the poetry, that key I am bringing to you, and that key are these lyrical pictures“, said Latić.

Present ones enjoyed in the sequel:

“Još kroz san, čusmo jedan pucanj,

a onda nas obvila tišina.

Veljača je, sipi sa visina;

Po staklima suh sjeverac kljuca…”

After which students actively engaged in founding pictures but also their meaning. By this occasion author of the book addressed with the aim that students understand the role of writers and to distinguish quality from a poor quality of writing.

„That is like when good painter wants to paint Old bridge. He will not paint it wholly as such. On the canvas you will see an illustration of the bridge with a lot of colors but still clear enough to know what story it’s wearing„, said the author of the book“ The Emperor’s eyes-Silver Fountain„ Džemaludin Latić.

The lecture is completed with appropriate gifts and certificate handed by the rector of BURCH University, Prof. Dr. Teoman Duman.

Džemaludin Latić is a Bosnian writer born in 1957 in Pridvorci at Gornji Vakuf in central Bosnia. He finished Gazi Husrev-Bey Madrasa in Sarajevo, and the Faculty of Islamic Studies in Sarajevo and the Faculty of Philosophy (Department of Yugoslav literature and Serbo-Croatian / language, as the first level of the Department of Philosophy and world literature).

Degree from the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb (Department of world literature), and his Ph.D. from the Faculty of Islamic Studies in 1999 on the theme “The style of the Qur’anic expression”.

Assistant professor at the Department of tafsir Faculty of Islamic Studies in Sarajevo, subject Tafsir (commentary) of the Qur’an. He teaches tafsir on Islamic Pedagogical Academy in Novi Pazar and theory of literature at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Pazar.