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Welcome to the International Burch University Office for Standardization and Quality Assurance website. The aim of the site is to provide an introduction to the University Quality Office (UQO), including who we are and what our role is. Quality assurance is both a mind – set and a set of practical activities. It is a mission that requires a change of culture and everyone’s attention, support and involvement (students, faculty and administrative staff). The overarching assignment of the quality assurance office is seeking the highest quality assurance practices in education, research, and administration through the maximum investment and usage of the university capabilities and assets and through the active participation of all the university employees to meet the community and the market needs.

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General Information
The students are, unarguably, the most important stakeholders of Higher Education systems and therefore that of quality assurance mechanisms. Your interest and participation at all levels of quality assurance play a central role in enhancement of your own learning experience. IBU aims to ensure that students have voice at all stages of the decision making process of formulating learning and teaching practices, and that views of students are to be considered as the primary evidence on which the quality of teaching and learning is evaluated. We encourage you to play your part in making these activities meaningful in identifying actions to improve your knowledge. Please do take the opportunity to submit questionnaires and provide feedback. We need to learn from you if something is wrong. Equally, we are delighted to hear about features of study at the University that are particularly good! Students’ roles can be divided into several categories categories. Students as information provider Giving feedback is the most common way students participate in QA. There is a wide diversity of how, when and what kind of feedback students give. It is typical that feedback is given after each course or at least once in a term, through various surveys and questionnaires. Student as an expert If we believe that the focus of QA should be about the quality of learning, not teaching, the role played by students is inevitably important. They know how they have reached their learning outcomes and how the teaching has assisted them in this process. Thus teaching should be evaluated through students’ learning experiences and based on how it actually assists the learning process. Student as a partner Learning is achieved through close cooperation between teachers and students. The development of the concept of partnership, in relation to student involvement in quality assurance, can therefore be seen as a natural consequence. The notion of partnership between students and staff members represents the possibility of an authentic and constructive dialogue which offers the opportunity for more reflective feedback. It is the responsibility of staff to treat students as partners and to create an easy-going and positive atmosphere in the institutions. This, hopefully, leads to more open and authentic quality assurance. As a student within the University how can I take a proactive role in the quality assurance process? Rich diversity of student involvement with quality assurance provides us with an abundant resource from which we can research and share good practice and so help all involved to learn and to develop. Active student participation in the quality assurance process can be undertaken in a variety of ways: through participation in Senate, Faculty Councils, Student Parliament and Quality Board. You can get yourself involved or communicate your vision in the highest university bodies through student representatives. It is your responsibility to get introduced with IBU’s Self evaluation Report that covers areas such as registration, teaching methods, examinations and assessment, student support facilities, research methods, staff accessibility, etc. Please take part in various surveys such as several Student Satisfaction Surveys, ECTS Survey, Course Evaluation, etc. IBU recognizes that treating students as partners is now a cultural expectation, which demands a positive attitude both from the staff and from the students. It will take time to develop an atmosphere where student feedback is seen as constructive feedback from an ‘expert’. However, encouragement to participate in QA development shows that university values student expertise.