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Religious Trails of Sarajevo

During the tour time students went to the most representative historical buildings of Sarajevo and they were introduced with the cultural heritage in the aspect of architecture, history and religion. The tour covered visits to the City Hall, Gazi Husrev Bey Mosque, Ashkenazi Synagogue, Despic’s house, Church of the Queen of the Holy Rosary and Orthodox Cathedral Church of the Nativity of the Theotokos.

The program was organized by International Burch University in cooperation with architect Boris Trapara who was in charge for organizing and leading students through the tour. The main point of this tour was to give students an opportunity to learn about the history of Sarajevo and about different architectural styles.

Students were interested in comparing architectural styles and finding similarities and differences. Finding similarities improved students’ understanding of different periods of history and searching for links between them.

On 25th of April, „Cultural Trails of Sarajevo“ tour will be organized again. Feel free to join us. More information on


Religious Trails of Sarajevo