Representatives of Civil Engineering Faculty at TU BRNO Visited Burch University - International Burch University
ARC Days of Architecture
Days of Architecture
May 17, 2018
ARC Days of Architecture – Banja Luka
Days of Architecture – Banja Luka
June 4, 2018

Representatives of Civil Engineering Faculty at TU BRNO Visited Burch University



On May 10, Assoc. Prof. Eng. Jiří Zach, Assoc. Prof. Eng. Nikol Žižková, Eng. Petr Novosad from the University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering held lectures for the juniors of the Department of Architecture. The program started early in the morning, at 09:15, as Prof. Zach started off with a lecture titled Super Thermal Insulation Materials: Current Development and Application in Civil Engineering and Industry.

After a short break, where visiting professors attended the opening ceremony for ICESoS at the Hotel Hills, Assoc. Prof. Eng. Nikol Žižková held a lecture on Polymer-modified Mortars (PMM) – history, properties, testing, durability, and microstructure. Later on, Eng. Petr Novosad talked to the students about the testing of selected aggregate properties, classification, properties, and requirements.

The guests were pleasantly surprised by the willingness of the students to participate in the Q&A. The lectures were also attended by Assist. Prof. Dr. Sanela Klaric and Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sayed.

After the lectures, the visiting professors joined Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sayed on a meeting with Head of the Architectural Department, Assist. Prof. Dr. Emina Zejnilovic, where they discussed the mutual interests between both Civil Engineering Faculty of TU Brno and the Department of Architecture at IBU. Ideas for future collaboration were discussed, and both sides agreed to increase mutual efforts for the benefit of both institution.

The agenda for the first day of the program at International Burch University ended with a long discussion about the potential collaboration between the newly formed study program for Civil Engineering at IBU and the representatives of Civil Engineering Faculty at TU Brno. Assist. Prof. Ahmed El Sayed presented the curriculum of the study program and the methods used for its preparation, as well as the steps planned for the development of the study program. Assist. Prof. Sanela Klaric presented the idea about the potential international collaboration by applying for another Erasmus+ mobility program for students and academic staff. Assoc. Prof. Ing. Jiří Zach explained the development plan for their faculty in the Czech Republic and gave our representatives some advice on how to create labs, apply for professional projects and establish mutual collaboration with other institution. Assoc. Prof. Ing. Nikol Žižková praised the effort made by Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sayed in preparing the curriculum and stated that the curriculum and strategy prepared are very promising. Eng. Petr Novosad, Ph.D, promised to visit our University again to demonstrate more tests for our students and to hold a workshop for all students interested in preparing concrete and mortar mixes.

Later, the guests from Brno met with the representatives of the Czech Embassy and the Czech Development Agency in BiH. The meeting was very promising regarding the current and future possibilities for bigger support for this fruitful collaboration between the two institutions.

On May 11, the professors had one more meeting with Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sayed, in which they donated materials testing equipment, and explained the way tests should be conducted, as well as the Czech Republic Testing Codes used to run tests. The guests also visited the Bio-based Student pavilion project which was supported by TU Brno and the Czech Development Agency as well. After the discussion, we got a lot of ideas about future possibilities of joint work on this unique project in the region.

At the end of this visit all agreed to continue the cooperation with International Burch University, and to build a stronger relationship between the Civil Engineering Faculty at TU Brno and our University.