Research Laboratory - International Burch University

Research Laboratory

The laboratory is currently revolving around two main activities, educational and research. Educational activities refer to the continuous work with students studying on the first study cycle at the GBE Department whose lab exercises are conducted in the laboratory premises. On the other hand, research activities include graduate research work of the Department Master and PhD students, as well as academic staff and external researchers renting laboratory facilities for their needs.

The overall teaching and research mission of the Genetics and Bioengineering Department is to promote learning of advanced scientific concepts as well as discoveries which could be enhancing our capabilities in the development of biotechnological industries. The main vision of the GBE Department is to be one of the leading research and teaching programs in Eastern Europe, one that is modern, dynamic, interdisciplinary, ethic, enterprising, engrossing, open to original concepts, and of high quality in science. Our basic priority is to establish an image of a competent institute that keeps up with the international scientific and industrial development. We have very promising human resources, research capacity and sophisticated equipment applicable to fundamental molecular biological research. Our activities represent very a important factor in the network of different scientific and technical cooperation, respectively.