Reviewer Guidelines - International Burch University

Reviewer Guidelines

Reviewer plays an essential role in the peer review process. Efforts of reviewers are the key to the objectives of a fair and timely review process for all of our manuscripts and the publications of only papers of the highest quality. We greatly appreciate reviewers for their help in meeting these important objectives.

Fairness of Review

Reviewers shall regard a submitted manuscript as a privileged and confidential document and not meant to be public, and so should not use, share or disclose unpublished information in a manuscript except with the permission of the authors. The review process shall ensure that all authors have equal opportunity for publication of their papers.

Type of Peer Review

This journal employs double-blind-review, where the referee remains anonymous throughout the process. To keep reviewer confidentiality, we never disclose the names of reviewers to authors.

Instructions for Reviewers

Please acknowledge by email whether you can serve as a reviewer. Once you agree to review the submission, the Editorial Assistant will solicit you with the title and an abstract of the submission via email. Reviews should be completed preferably in 6 weeks. Reviewers will be provided with a Review Form, in which they have to evaluate the submission according to criteria stated within.

The review will be sent in a report to the authors, usually verbatim. Please provide sound, constructive reviews, expressing your criticisms with civility. Please remember to acknowledge whatever is good in the manuscript. Please, keep a copy of the review documents for your use in case a revision is submitted by the authors. Reviewers have 3 weeks to review a major revision.

Deadlines for Regular Review

  • Reviewers are given 6 weeks to review the submission.
  • Reviewers are given 3 weeks to review the major revision.
  • If you need more time, please let the Editorial Assistant know when you expect to complete the review.
  • Conference Version

    Submissions previously published in conference proceedings are eligible for consideration provided that the author informs the Editors at the time of submission and that the submission has undergone substantial revision. In the new submission, authors are required to cite the previous publication and very clearly indicate how the new submission offers substantively novel or different contributions beyond those of the previously published work. The author should supply a copy of the previous version to the Editor, and provide a brief description of the differences between the submitted manuscript and the previous version.

    The submission should contain a significant amount of new material, that is, material that has not been published elsewhere. New results are not required; however, the submission should contain expansions of key ideas, examples, elaborations, and so on, of the conference submission. The paper submitted to the journal should differ from the previously published material by at least 30 percent.