Sarajevo Hosts the Leading Experts for The Forensic Genetics Of Southeast Europe - International Burch University
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September 5, 2017
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Sarajevo Hosts the Leading Experts for The Forensic Genetics Of Southeast Europe



International Burch University organized a workshop on “The current situation and perspectives of the general genetic in the forensics of the countries of the Western Balkans”, held from the 14 to 15th September 2017 with the aim of developing a discussion on the progress and application of these areas. Prof. Dr. Damir Marjanović, at the same time the rector of the International Burch University, emphasized that Bosnia and Herzegovina have such politicians who cannot achieve mutual contacts with their neighbors, however, when they follow scientists, there would be better cooperation at that level. Additionally, scientists from the region have been cooperating for the past twenty years, and the people who gathered at this workshop are part of a network that is perfectly interconnected.

The experts who participated in this workshop at International Burch University people have written joint projects and published scientific publications, and also are leaders in forensic genetics within the region achieving milestones and breakthroughs in their laboratories.

The meeting was about the successes of colleagues in Macedonia who listened to recommendations, and also about the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina where it has not yet occurred. The aim of the meeting was to bring together the professional and scientific public after seven years in Sarajevo, which became a symbol for the successful creation of new stories in the field of forensic and genetic science and summarizes the successes and achievements of colleagues from the whole region. One of the participants in the workshop was Prof. Dr. Željko Karan, Director of the Institute of Forensic Medicine of the Republic of Srpska, who on this occasion emphasized the importance of the workshop for the development of science in BiH.

“Today’s workshop is a perfect occasion for gathering, exchanging opinions and experiences and the perspective of the profession. Considering the development of technology, we will focus on plans for the future. The team is more logical that this gathering is attended by experts from across the region. This, of course, was an additional reason to show that colleagues dealing with this profession are working very well without any problems, which is ideal for the development of science in general, but also for the future, because this cannot be done without good mutual cooperation, and I think the goal of this gathering team achieved”, Karan said.

Vice-Dean of the Medical Faculty in Skopje, Prof. Zlatko Jakovski stressed that it is nice to return to Sarajevo after many years and meet again with colleagues.” This story started six years ago, and it’s nice to return to Sarajevo where we first gathered. Our gathering was a cause for many colleagues for the creation of scientific projects and works, and this resulted in mutual cooperation with laboratories in the region. This set is extremely important because it will additionally crystallize the progress in the profession as well as the development of laboratory practice”.

Petar Proić from the company Genos from Zagreb emphasized the importance of the gathering for a professional scientific public. “Workshops of this type, I would say before the meetings of working groups are extremely important for our professional public and we keep them continuously. This workshop is organized by the company Promega, whose commercial reagent sets we use and technological advancements in this segment are not surprising. This is why this is a good opportunity to be trendy and to meet people who deal with this scientific field”, said Petar Proić. The special attention of colleagues was caused by the presence of Ana Banjac Čanak from the DNA Center of Genetics from Belgrade, which gave full support to the gathering.

“I am very pleased with this gathering, I expect the exchange of knowledge, experience and positive energy. We otherwise cooperate well with each other, but this is an opportunity for this cooperation to become even more stable and harder, and a cause for additional exchange of experiences and profiles, and to create a regional association that will deal with the development of forensic science in this part of the world”, said Ana Banjac Čanak.

The first day of the workshop was concluded with working presentations that detailed the development of forensic and genetic science and practice. Additional attention has been paid to the achievements in the past few years, but also the agreements for future cooperation that are the basis for the success of future generations of scientists who will deal with the field of forensic and genetic practice.