Seminar by CEO Anna E. Crosslin held - International Burch University

Seminar by CEO Anna E. Crosslin held

CEO and Director of International Institute of St. Louis, Anna E. Crosslin paid a visit to International Burch University and held a seminar for students on October 13th at Motif Room. Before the seminar started, rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Uzunoğlu used the opportunity to thank respected guest Crosslin, and handed her Appreciation letter.

Topic of the seminar was „High Value of Immigration in St. Louis“, where she talked about some of basics regarding rich immigrants population in this city. Special interest for this subject was shown by academic staff and students because the fact that many Bosnia and Herzegovina citizens because of the war were forced to immigrate to USA between 1991 and 2001.

Crosslin said that near 50 000 Bosnians and Herzegovinians, including America born children, lives in St. Louis today, and that they are important part of the wealth of the USA.

Beside particular information about BH immigrants, Crosslin gave insight into the work of the International Institute of St. Louis, and Strauss study, which is important for enlightening info about education and entrepreneurial skills of the immigrants.

Based on such researches, Crosllin talked about St. Louis Mosaic Project, which solves depopulation problem as cities which were industrial, but lately are facing loss of population, and found that retention of immigrants is solution.

At the end of the seminar students who were eager to know more about BH immigrants and their position in St. Louis, as the city with biggest population of BH citizens, approached Director Crosslin.