Seminar „Labor Law in Federation of B&H“ by Enisa Selmanović -Salkić - International Burch University
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April 14, 2016
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November 29, 2016

Seminar „Labor Law in Federation of B&H“ by Enisa Selmanović -Salkić

The new Labour Law in the Federation, attracted much attention in public in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Adoption of the new Act was preceded by a large number of discussions, debates,  as well as a number of uncertainties that are still current. Through this seminar, we tried to explain the provisions of the new Act FBiH Labor in relation to the provisions of the old labor laws, with the aim of better understanding of the same. Seminar  vas intended entrepreneurs and business owners, directors of enterprises / companies, managers of legal departments in companies, managers HR departments in companies, employees in the legal and HR departments. Seminar was conceived as the active participation of the participants in the form of exercises and discussions, interactive communications, PowerPoint presentations, and concrete examples from practice.

Lecturer at the seminar was Enisa Selmanović -Salkić dipl. attorney, more than ten years employed in the company “Megamix” doo Sarajevo, at the position Head of Legal Affairs and human resources. She has published a series of papers in professional journals such as “Legal advisor” and “Accounting and Business Finance” and in the field of relevant legal topics. Some of the titles of papers published in professional magazines are: “Termination of employment, the notice period and severance pay”, “Compensation as mode termination obligations “,” Legal and contractual interest from the point of ZOO ” She has published professional papers and in books dedicated to participants of the seminar continuing education of accountants and financial workers, with topics related to the Law on Enterprises, the Law on Health Insurance, the draft of the Labour Federation and most current topic – the new Labour Law of FBiH. The mentioned seminars she was also lecturer. He is a regular expert contributor to FMCG industry “IN STORE”. She launched her own company to provide consulting services and service companies in the field of law operations and human resources management.