“Social Day” at BURCH University - International Burch University

“Social Day” at BURCH University



What is Social Day? – Social Day is a day when a high school students replace their classroom with actual jobs. This year, Social Day project is also implemented in our country; it brings together about 500 high school students and jobs.

BURCH University has decided to support this project, and many ambitious young people who are on its implementation for months, and provide 10 jobs in order to collect as much good quality and good work experience for one day.

High school students who have spent the day on BURCH University, had the opportunity to visit and work on various positions and in different offices and laboratories, such as Marketing and Communications Office, PR, Genetic Laboratories, Innovation Center, StartUp Incubators and numerous other available rooms and centers.

Young high school students are very grateful and happy for the opportunity and trust, and claim to have gained experience and wonderful memories that will long remain etched in their memory. Based on an impressive mutual impressions, we hope to further cooperate with the Association of high school students in Bosnia and Herzegovina.