6th International Student Symposium organized by Faculty of Education and Humanities
April 11, 2019
ELL students’ enjoyable ERASMUS experience
May 24, 2019

SOMEMONO Japanese traditional art workshop at International Burch University

Faculty of Education and Humanities organized SOMEMONO Japanese traditional art workshop at International Burch university. It was a honor to welcome Ms Hisako Tokitomo, a Japanese dyeing artist, who decided to show her traditional dyeing techniques to our students.

Hisako Tokitomo, who was born in Okayama in 1942, is a master of Japanese dyeing techniques, which she uses to colour kimonos and other types of cloth. In 1973 she graduated from Tokyo Dyeing Art School and began her professional journey as a master of Japanese dyeing, the art she has continuously practiced for more than four decades.

She was appointed as Japan Cultural Envoy by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology of Japan in 2012 and the assignment has taken her to more than 16 countries where she exhibited her work.

We had two workshops, one on 10 April open to the public, and the other one for our students, within the 6th International Student Symposium on 11 April.

Ms Hisako taught our students cloth dyeing with a special tie-dyeing technique called shibori. They had an opportunity to make several different designs on cloth and for two hours explore the Japanese traditional art.

We thank Ms Hisako Tokitomo for visiting and providing us with such a great experience.