Spelling Bee 2013 Held - International Burch University

Spelling Bee 2013 Held

Spelling Bee 2013 Held

On Wednesday, 27th of March 2013 pre-selection of candidates for Spelling Bee contest has been completed. From twenty registered candidates, ten were selected for the final competition.

Final competition was held on Thursday, the 28th of March in the conference room 103. Senior Teaching Assistant Harun Baştuğ, skilfully conducted the event and introduced the contestants, the ten chosen students and brave spelling bees who stepped in front of the large audience and showed their high level of knowledge of words and spelling skills.

The participants, finalists of the Spelling Bee 2013 were:
– Muamer Seljubac
– Hasan Emin Balkaya
– Muhamed Semih Topal
– Huynh Thi Kim Cuong
– Lejla Kargić
– Jasmin Alić
– Emina Rizvić
– Ajla Kurspahić
– Igor Vuković
– Nihad Ahmić

After several great rounds, the winners were revealed. In the end, the final results showed that the absolute winner of the Spelling Bee 2013 was Ajla Kurspahić. The 2nd place deservedly went to Jasmin Alić, while the 3rd place belongs to Lejla Kargić.

Third place winner, student of Architecture at IBU, Lejla Kargić got additional award as the only student who was one of the winners outside of English Language and Literature Department.

All contestants received certificates and valuable prizes, and winners received special awards.