Start Me Up Winner and Other Student Projects Enter Burch Startup Incubator - International Burch University
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April 6, 2018
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April 17, 2018

Start Me Up Winner and Other Student Projects Enter Burch Startup Incubator



The teams signed residents’ contracts listing their obligations for the next six months with a renewal option for an additional six months.

“A lot of hard work over the last four months led up to these teams being selected to enter the startup incubator to further develop their projects into fully fledged businesses. We are proud of these young entrepreneurs and their persistence to get a spot”, said Malcolm Duerod, project manager of the incubator. 

Enrolled International Burch University students on all cycles can apply to enter the incubator after completing entrepreneurship course, competing in a competition, submitting an application, and doing an interview.  Students are not required to form a company until they have customers that legal entity is needed. There are professor mentors as well as mentor matching with alumni (former graduates). Monthly check-ins to help guide startup founders toward success.

In addition, international speakers visit the University regularly and give global perspectives on various technology and management topics.

Finally, the Start Me Up Conference is the annual showcase of top University and high school startup talent in the region.