Students donated 50 doses of blood and packed 100 New Year’s gifts for children - International Burch University
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December 24, 2019
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December 27, 2019

Students donated 50 doses of blood and packed 100 New Year’s gifts for children



There are 16 student clubs in various fields at International Burch University, 10 of which represent departments at the university, while others deal with nature conservation, music, dance, acting, and humanitarian work. Throughout the clubs, students carry out many different activities, both for personal promotion by being involved in various projects, and for those activities that aim to benefit our society.

Thus, the SAFE Student Club organized the action “Donate Blood, Save a Life” in cooperation with the Institute for Transfusion Medicine of the FBiH. Institute representatives pointed out that they have never collected such a large number of blood doses in one place before and that the fact the students have developed an awareness of the importance of donating blood makes them very happy.

“We are aware that as students we can and must change a lot, among other things we must care about each other and be responsible citizens of our society. Our blood doses are a gift to our society this year, and we hope we can be a good example to others,” said students Rijad Pekaz and Kenan Catic, members of SAFE Club.

The campaign “No Child Without a Gift” of the „Ruku na srceˮ Humanitarian organization has been making thousands of children happy and has been putting a smile on their faces for years by giving them New Year’s gifts.

This year, SAFE Student Club and the Burch Diplomacy Club, with the support of other students, joined forces and organized an action at the University to raise money, toys, and candies to bring joy to the 100 children waiting for packed gifts.

„Nothing in your memory remains or carries such emotion as opening a New Year’s gift when you are a child. We would love to see the smile on children’s faces while opening our gifts. We do not need a better gift for the new year,” students Lejla Dautbasic and Mirza Tokic proudly pointed out on behalf of the Burch Diplomacy Club.

The actions are organized with the special support of the University and the professors, who are proud of the students’ initiatives. Children like this need our country, responsible and ready to recognize the needs of society.