Student's Field trip to the National Museum - International Burch University

Student’s Field trip to the National Museum

They were warmly  greeted by the local staff who gave the student a private detour around the Museum where they enjoyed amazing artifacts from different periods in the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Students had chance to see flora and fauna, the example of old Bosnian house, clothing, ancient manuscripts, old money and jewellery, etc.

Students also enjoyed lunch together in Sarajevo city Center.This visit is an example that Burch university supports culture in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and educates students to take care of their national heritage.

Obilazak Muzeja ima višestruko značenje za studente. Iskustvo, historijat i saznanja o postojanju BiH samo su neke od uspomena koje su studenti ponijeli sa sobom.

Museum tour was of a greater significance for the students. Experience, history and the facts  about Bosnia and Herzegovina are few among many memories students will have in their minds in the future.

The facts about BiH, its history and historical context are among many things that students have become aware of during the visit.