Students Nedima Krndžija and Emir Šogolj on the Student Exchange Program at the University of Leon - International Burch University
Studenti Nedima Krndžija i Emir Šogolj na studentskoj razmjeni na Univerzitetu u Leonu
January 10, 2020
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January 10, 2020

Students Nedima Krndžija and Emir Šogolj on the Student Exchange Program at the University of Leon



With the aim of providing a different educational experience, we continually encourage our students to participate in Erasmus + exchange programs. Burch University is very active in the field of international exchanges and so far has over 25 partners that hosted our students and staff.

Currently, students from the Department of English Language and Literature Nedima Krndžija and Emir Šogolj are on student exchange, who have decided to take the opportunity and study in Spain, where they will spend one semester.

Nedima Krndžija says that they were looking forward to the new academic environment, but that they had taken on some extracurricular activities in order to adapt to the Spanish education system and curriculum as soon as possible. “Although we initially had some concerns about how we would cope with the new environment, the experience, and skills we acquired at Burch University greatly help us at our new University of Leon,” Nedima points out.

Emir Šogolj adds that they assumed what awaited them and what a student exchange looked like because they were glad to hear from their colleagues about their experiences. He adds: „This experience is great, to represent ourselves, our University and the country makes us proud and more ambitious.ˮ

Comparing the University of Leon with Burch University, they point out that the former is much larger, with a large number of students, but that students at this University do not have the opportunity to meet professors and communicate intensively with them as often as at Burch University.

The city of Leon was thought to be marvelous because it has an interesting history and, according to the information available, offers numerous opportunities for exploration. They added that they were pleasantly surprised by its resemblance to Sarajevo, especially with the main street, which reminds of Ferhadija.

Students concluded that the exchange program is extremely important, especially the experience they gain and the new knowledge they acquire.

We wish our students a pleasant stay and a lot of success in the exams, and we look forward to their return.