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Students of Architecture visited Sports Hall in Grbavica

Civil engineer, Mr. Dževad Jusufspahić and architect, Mrs. Alma Alić, who were employed as supervisory board on the project execution, hosted the students and lecturers of Architectural Design VII course.

The students had the opportunity to get experienced colleagues’ advice and insight into real-life project difficulties that were overcome by the project team. Mr. Jusufspahić and Mrs. Alić talked about the importance and impact the details have on the users in case of such a large project. They drew special attention to comfort and safety requirements for the sportists and spectators, as well as maximum usage of space, since the Sports Hall is going to be used for handball, basketball, volleyball and additional activities such as fitness.

Good and timely cooperation between architects, civil, mechanical and electric engineers was emphasized as crucial for the success of the project. Additionally, they implied that creating a realistic bill of quantities, regardless of being the less interesting part of the architects’ job, is equally important for success with the investor.

After tour on the construction site, kind hosts answered numerous students’ questions and shared valuable piece of advice for their future career.

Students of Architecture visited Sports Hall in Grbavica