Students promote the 7th edition of Burch Gene Magazine - International Burch University
„Fly labˮ by Burch student Kenan Krakovic
December 27, 2019
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January 9, 2020

Students promote the 7th edition of Burch Gene Magazine



Burch Gene Magazine was created as an idea by enthusiastic students Adnan Fojnica and Ahmed Osmanovic and enthusiasm spread to generations after them. Thus, students proudly presented the 7th edition, this time with the full support of their professors, assistants from the Department and the University.

Students who wrote in this edition are: Eda Saric-Hanjalic in her topic „Bacterial Horizontal Gene Transferˮ covered the basic concepts of bacterial gene transfer and how bacteria reproduce. Aida Lavic explained the predictions of specific diseases that a living creature may have, using DNA and genetic code analysis with the topic „Searching for Solutions: New Genetic Discoveries to Explain Debilitating Diseases”. Neira Crncevic had a historical approach to her story and with the theme “The Story of Gregor Mendel” presented the achievements of this world-renowned scholar. Ajla Dzanko, with her theme „The Effects of Long-Term Spaceflight on Eyesightˮ provided a detailed insight into the diseases and health issues that many astronauts encounter after going on their missions. Sara Deumic explained with the topic “Famous Equations in Genetics” that students who are not good mathematicians can achieve good results using mathematical formulas. Sabina Pandža, Sibel Repuh, Azra Cutuk have written on the topic “Genetically Modified Chickens Laying Anticancer Eggs” which could be the future in food technology or genetics. Hana Hadzimujagic addressed the topic „Alzheimer’s disease: Discovering the truths” about the basic ways of treating the disease, the symptoms and the risk groups affected by the disease. Selena Hadzic wrote in „Unusual Genetic Mutations in Humanˮ about very dangerous mutations that can be unnatural and abnormal. Dzenan Kovacic in his „ Xenobiology and Xeno nucleic acids. Are we playing God? ˮ wrote about nucleic acids that are very similar in structure to DNA and/or RNA. Hasnija Bajrektarevic used the topic „Funny gene namesˮ to go back to the past and explain the origin of gene names that were defined only when scientists discovered something new for easy identification. Iman Alihodzic with her theme „The Language of the Brain. A Crash Course in Neurolinguistics ˮ explained the specific genetic characteristics of the brain and its functions. Emina Imamović ended this year’s edition with an interview with Assist. Prof. Dr. Lejla Smajlovic- Skenderagic, who spoke about her experience, scientific achievements, and projects.

„All of the students who worked for the magazine put a lot of effort, from design, writing to the editorial staff, and I want to thank each one of them for making it possible for Burch Gene to continue this four-year-long tradition. I am especially thankful to my colleague Dado Latinovic who worked hard on designing a magazine. It means a lot to science students to engage in activities such as writing for a magazine because it gives them the opportunity to acquire skills outside the lab, such as analytical thinking and expressing opinions on complex topics. The next issue will be conceptual, and the topics will be fully devoted to the use of the common fruit fly, and its effects on modern research,” said the magazine’s main editor Kenan Krakovic, a third-year student at the Department of Genetics and Bioengineering.

This magazine is an opportunity for students to learn how to write a quality article, today for a student magazine tomorrow for world-class professional magazines.