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Successful Study Trip to Saudi Arabia

Successful Study Trip to Saudi Arabia

On the first day of the official visit rectors had the opportunity to meet with the Minister for Higher Education in the Government of KSA, Dr. Khalid Alanqari and top education officials in the government, as well as visit the oldest and largest university in the country, King Saud University , and the National Organization for Evaluation and Accreditation. Minister Alanqari said that his country is ready to implement the agreed cooperation and implementation of projects with universities from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The second day of the visit the delegation was divided into 3 groups, and the rector Uzunoğlu together with the Rector of the University of Zenica , Prof. Dr. Dževad Zečić , had an opportunity to visit the King Faisal University, meet with officials and closely acquainted with the work of this institution .

On the last day the delegation visited the King Fahd University for Petroleum and Natural Resources. Burch University Rector Prof. Dr. Uzunoğlu stressed that ” visits with the aim of better understanding and finding common points is the first step in establishing a successful cooperation .” According to him, King Fahd University is an excellent example of a research center and modern institutions of higher education, which greatly opens the door for cooperation to our mutual satisfaction. Delegation also visited Dhahran Valley of Technology and Research Institute with the aim of finding common goals.

Rector Uzunoğlu expressed his satisfaction for being invited as one of three representatives of private universities, as well as for having an opportunity to participate in an important inspiring trip aiming establishing of the cooperation. During the study trip Rector Uzunoğlu took the opportunity to invite the hosts to participate to branded international conferences at Burch University, and to propose concrete fields of cooperation on projects that will result in the satisfaction of both sides.

In addition to working part of the delegation visited several tourist attractions of Saudi Arabia and the visit itself was evaluated as very successful. International Burch University Rector Prof.Dr. Mehmet Uzunoğlu expresses his gratitude to Embassy of Saudi Arabia to Bosnia and Herzegovina and King Fahd Cultural Center in Sarajevo for organizing a study trip and bringing together leaders of higher education in two countries.