The Coldest Day of Winter Was Marked With Snowballing Day at Burch University - International Burch University
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January 2, 2017
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January 8, 2017

The Coldest Day of Winter Was Marked With Snowballing Day at Burch University



Students, led by their own initiative, in a huge snow covered yard of Burch University, and with assistance of the technical staff, took shovels and other winter tools and started building snowman, igloos and clearing the snow paths. Of course that youth and adrenaline had taken its toll and the snowballs were flying everywhere. Burch University yard and fluffy snow became a place where the students played, performed stunts, and successfully wet their clothes and shoes.

All this clamoring and murmuring attracted curious glances of present professors, who immediately stepped out and joined their “colleagues” (probably remembering their own childhood days), and accepted the challenge of building a large white snowman, which currently adorns the entrance of the Burch.

Rector was also there among present professors, and he gave generous support to one of the snowballing teams of students, and was one of the most active “laborers” during the bringing of the water needed for the snowman so it could freeze and hold its strange looking, long-lasting form. Professors and rector’s actions at the yard did not last too long, partly because of their obligations at university (probably because of their age as well J), but due to severe cold weather who did not forgive inappropriate clothes, shoes and gloves. All activities just briefly stopped for tea and biscuits break, however all present students, boldly, with rosy cheeks, continued to play throughout the day and were able to complete the snowman despite dry snow. Photos are telling more than words.