The Delegation of the Islamic Comunity paid first official visit to BURCH University - International Burch University

The Delegation of the Islamic Comunity paid first official visit to BURCH University

This was the first official visit in behalf of Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina since Bosna Sema Educational Institutions sent the Letter of Intention to the Reisu-l-Ulema Mr. Husejin Kavazovic Office offering the start of negotiation for the transfer of all founding rights from the Bosna Sema Founding Board to the Islamic Community.

All parties agreed that the process of the transfer is progressing efficiently and that the process must not reflect to any of regular educational operations within the Bosna Sema system.

Mr. Čolić expressed his satisfaction about what he has seen during BURCH University tour and mentioned that we must focus entirely to maintain the current quality of the education service.

Prof. Dr. Teoman Duman the Rector of the BURCH University briefed the delegation about the count of the faculty and administration staff engaged and also about the count of the students attending undergraduates and graduates studies.

Further on the delegation was toured through BURCH University research and education facilities. They got assured about the BURCH University faculty quality level as well as about the state of the art technology laboratories are equipped with. They were very happy to witness the level of international cooperation BURCH University has accomplished so far with affiliate institutions in Europe and United States.

The next step in the process of the taking over the founding rights announced is the audit that will took place during following 30 days. The authorized auditor will be announced very soon.