The End of the Very First Lean Startup School at Burch University - International Burch University
Lean Startup School at The International Burch University
February 6, 2018
Burch Students Participated in the Reconstruction of Campus Space of the University in Sarajevo
February 12, 2018

The End of the Very First Lean Startup School at Burch University



Overall, six teams survived and “leveled up” to the finals at Hills Hotel for the StartMeUp conference on February 21st

“These young teams were very disciplined and caught on to our methodology quickly”, said Filip.  It was clear from the first presentations that the previous selection committees had done their jobs as students passed all the icebreaker puzzles in record time stunning the trainers again and again.

High school teams E-Washer from Mostar and Smart Home from Tuzla advanced with their prototypes and clear customer targets.  Next steps for them are to gather more data on their potential solution.

“This was a true drill, with many elevator pitches, customer interviews, and validation sprints.  The program was in English and prepared students for the global market and opportunities to pitch international and diaspora investors in the near future”, explained Malcolm Duerod, Burch Student Incubator project manager. 

University teams Whoopedu, Mirragence, and Shift realized their strengths and focused their next steps on building their prototypes.  Hopefully, they will be able to demonstrate some traction results at the StartMeUp conference in two weeks.

These teams will be joined by a wildcard entry participant to round out the competition, details will be announced to finalists before the conference.

Special thanks to Swiss Contact and their local ecosystem facilitator, Alema Pelesić for providing the support to bring such esteemed group of experts to Sarajevo for a productive set of training.

Good luck to all the teams on the big stage in two weeks.  We know you will do great!