The English Department's Euro Trip - International Burch University

The English Department’s Euro Trip

The English Department’s Euro Trip

The first stop was Graz in Austria. After sightseeing around the city, the group departed for Munich, Germany. On the way to Munich, the group stopped by Salzburg, where they visited the Living House of Mozart. The next country on the itinerary was Slovenia. Having spent the night in Ljubljana, the group departed for Koper, the coastal city of Slovenia. There, the group was welcomed by students from the University of Primorska, year-long friends of the International Burch University. After a tour around the city, the Burch group had a meeting the University of Primorska’s officials. Having met and cooperated before, the meeting was rather a friendly one, touching upon recent events in both countries and at both universities. At the end of the meeting, Dr. Akbarov kindly invited the University’s Rector and students to visit Sarajevo in time of the 4th International FLTAL Conference next year.

Just a dozen kilometers away from Koper, the group’s next stop was the amazing city of Trieste in Italy. The students really enjoyed the Mediterannean city and tasted some original Italian ice-cream with unique flavors. After a great time in Trieste, the group departed for Udine. On the way, they visited the Park of Miramare, which is famous for its historical value and architectural uniqueness. In Udine, the main attraction was the famous Italian pizza, leaving the group speechless and shaping the perception of Udine as a city in a really great way.

The last stop was Zagreb in Croatia. The group visited the Main Square with the famous statue of Ban Jelačić, former ruler of Croatia. The visit was just in time to witness a special annual presentation of how the Croatian army looked like hundreds of years ago, having the cavalry and soldiers marching throughout the entire city. After several hours of sightseeing, the group departed to Sarajevo.

Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia – a trip to remember… The goal of this trip was to really get an insight in how other cultures function and to meet their languages first hand. This is exactly what one of the main goals of the Burch University is – developing intercultural and linguistic competence. In a nutshell, the ‘five days in five countries’ trip was a true success.