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September 24, 2019
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October 2, 2019

The Latest Preparations of the IBU Team Before Starting the New Academic Year

The new academic year is about to begin, and good preparation is the key to success.

With a detailed retrospective of the success and goals achieved in the past year, Acting Rector Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mersid Poturak addressed the employees with providing information on newly enrolled students, concluding that this would be one of the best years for IBU. In addition to a large number of students who begin their educational journey at our University, the special focus is set on the goals whose achievement will only confirm the IBU position and title of the best private university and the first entrepreneurial university in BiH.

In addition to the entrepreneurial spirit, developing a new strategy for the new academic year implies intentional work on projects that will confirm and further enhance the scientific success of our University. Rector particularly addressed the key questions: what, how, why – questions that should be the driver of new ideas:

“Excellence in education, scientific research, and innovation and entrepreneurship through continuous mentoring and academic and life guidance is our future journey. In order to improve the organization of the University and its transition, it is necessary to continuously improve the work, to continue promoting the creation of a positive story, which is the basis for stimulating creative, objective and critical thinking and lifelong learning as the basic model that we apply in the realization of our goals. The fact we are going the right way is confirmed by the generations of students we have brought out, and we owe the next generations a lot more because we are ready to change education in BiH by introducing new learning methods such as STEM. ˮ

We have new goals, challenges, and big projects ahead of us; we are looking forward to everything that comes because it will be an opportunity to push our own borders.

Through his guest and motivational lecture to IBU employees, dr. Emir Dzanic, who has over 20 years of experience in innovation, research, and development, technology and marketing demonstrated that everything is planned and achievable if we are ready to accept innovation, advancement, improvement and gain new knowledge.

By integrating advanced social and technological knowledge to achieve sustainable innovation through the open innovation approach and organizational cultural management. Dr. Dzanic successfully collaborates with private companies, ministries and consultant companies helping organizations manage, change and innovate.

Through his very inspirational lecture, Dr. Dzanic spoke about the importance of innovation in higher education, exploring techniques and new ideas that will enhance the interaction between man and technology. Considering the fact that the world is developing much faster and that access to technology is much easier than before, Dr. Dzanic emphasized the importance of open innovation stating: “We need to communicate in two directions. Think of the future and the possibilities, not what was impossible yesterday. Let’s move to the next level of communication, let’s be open to new things. Open your window to the outside world, breathe in the fresh air of novelty and enhance your work culture. Learn how to change your perception, set up new systems, evolve constantly, and make changes. Be exposed to a new, faster world of open innovation. ”

He concluded that IBU is on a very good path and that our students can be happy about what kind of environment they are learning in.

In the coming days, individual preparation activities will continue at all faculties and departments, which will readily welcome another generation of students. Academic and administrative staff will devote the next days to organizing Orientation and Registration Day in detail, selecting mentors to guide new students, and presenting activities and enhancing curricula for other students.

The team spirit and readiness for all that lies ahead are demonstrated in the team building organized by IBU for its employees. The mountain air walks, relaxing atmosphere, exchange of ideas and various competitions with lots of fun and laugh have positively influenced all the employees who are about to start another annual journey with their students.