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October 23, 2018
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The most significant scientific work of forensic genetics was promoted in Sarajevo

Young Bosnian scientists have made a significant additional contribution to the publication of this book. Among them were prof. dr. Tamer Bego, professor, and vice-dean at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sarajevo, and prof. dr. Almir Badnjević, a leading expert in bioengineering in BiH, a professor at the International Burch University, and owner of the company Verlag and rector of the International Burch University, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a research associate at the Institute of Anthropology, the Republic of Croatia, prof. dr. Damir Marjanović, as well as the President of the Committee for International Relations of the American Academy of Sciences of the United States, the President of the Governing Council of the Special Hospital Sv. Katarina is a professor at the Penn State and New Haven USA universities, and at the universities in Split, Osijek and Rijeka, Croatia, prof. dr. Dragan Primorac.

“Looking at everything we have been through since the 1990s when we launched a whole new process, which is a forensic genetics, it makes me happy to see that after 27 years we get an excellent book from this space and it is written in English. This book practically covers everything from the site analysis, analysis of DNA entering the laboratory, genomic DNA. This means that this book has a tremendous power not only in the field of genetics but also for police, doctors, lawyers and for all those who want to see the truth and for those who want to know the strength of forensic genetics and what are their possibilities “, on this occasion prof. dr. Dragan Primorac.

One of the authors, prof. dr. Damir Marjanović believes that this book will further enrich scientific literature and will offer young people a wide range of skills and knowledge in the field of genetic science.

“We all love our own work, but this book carries a special weight for many reasons. The first thing is that this book is a continuation of the joint collaboration of one group of authors. This is, of course, the book that we have already promoted in the Bosnian language in 2015, now it has been improved and we have refreshed some of its chapters with new authors. I must say a little bit that this book, currently on the market of BiH, Europe, and the world, is the most modern expression in the field of forensic genetics. However, what really makes me proud is that young scientists worked on the creation of the book, in fact, fifteen of them, primarily by students with which I teamed up with this book, “considers one of the authors of the book’ prof. dr. Damir Marjanović

The book was further presented by young Bosnian scientists prof. dr. Tamer Bego and prof. dr. Almir Badnjević, who this time pointed out the importance of this scientific work in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which had a leading role in forensic genetics for a long time.

“This is truly a great day for Bosnia and Herzegovina and the whole world because one of the most important books in the field of forensic genetics is promoted today in Sarajevo. This book, of course, has a good theoretical basis but also describes the methods of the application. The book provides information on new markers used in forensic analysis. In fact, this is a very good textbook written in English that will serve professors, researchers, and students around the world, “said Professor Bego.

The book of this quality, which will probably be welcomed by the world publications, was also commented on by the professor of the International Burch University, prof. dr. Almir Badnjević

“I had the honor to promote this book, which is of the utmost importance for the forensic science in the world. This book is more important than adding a multi-year experience of editors, authors, and co-authors. Therefore, it is not surprising that the world’s publishing companies have already been interested in this edition, and so we will globalize the work of these highly skilled people, “said Professor Badnjević