The new director of the “Konrad Adenauerˮ Foundation gave a lecture to students - International Burch University
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May 21, 2019
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May 23, 2019

The new director of the “Konrad Adenauerˮ Foundation gave a lecture to students

The Foundation itself is significant for our country, as it provides support on its path to the European Union, advocating inter-religious dialogue, transparency of the judiciary, democratic development of political parties, etc.

Mr. Petke joined the Foundation in February this year. He was a delegate to the parliament of the province of Brandenburg from 1999 to 2018. The President was a member of the Committee on Internal Affairs and a member of the Committee on Budget and Finance. He was also a member of the Supervisory Board of the Brandenburg Investment Bank and is a member of the political party of the CDU.

Members of the Diplomatic Club, as well as other students of our University,  were given a lecture by Mr. Petke on “Contemporary Political Context in Germany”.  He also stated that the current concerns of Germany are growing populist and nationalist parties AfD (Alternativ fur Deutschland), but also Brexit. He added that the CDU’s task is to find the answer to the issue of refugees and stability of the EU in order to prevent AfD from gaining more votes, emphasizing clear certainty about CDU winning the upcoming elections.

Moreover, he touched upon the integration of our country into the EU, saying: “We want to help you become part of the EU, but how fast it will happen depends solely on you,” adding that the Foundation advocates all Balkan countries to be “heard and seen” in Berlin.

Mr. Sven Petke’s visit ended with a discussion with the VD Rector of the International Burch University prof. dr. Mersid Poturak, where he eventually added that, during his mandate in the Foundation, he will be especially devoted to work with young people, stressing that it is important for young people to have a more certain future in BiH.