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October 13, 2017
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October 20, 2017

The Power of Open Space As a Knowledge Platform For Students of Architecture



Since 2006, military units left the space and completely handed it over to civilian authorities. Part of the campus space was handed over and the American Embassy was built in that area. However, most of the former barracks’ premises have become part of the campus of the University of Sarajevo, which is also the perfect location for the further development of student life within that area.

The „Power of Open Space“ project is a crown of cooperation with the landscape architecture master program that takes place in Germany, which brings its students to workshops of this kind. Fortunately, this time we have 40 students from Germany who attend a workshop at Burch University. Apart from visiting students at these workshops, our local students are also present, whose response is a significant team more that is the topic of the observation of the campus of the University of Sarajevo. The goal of student observation is the structure of the campus and the layout of objects within the campus. The primary goal is to open the campus to the outside world, and ways of its integration that would keep students within the space itself, while reflecting on the current context of a city that has its advantages and disadvantages”, said the Vice-rector for scientific research and International Cooperation, Assist. Prof. Dr. Sanela Klarić.

The „Power of Open Space” project combines the strength of students who come from abroad and deal with topics of interior design, architecture, and planning, as well as the strength of local students who help their knowledge in discussions. This creates an atmosphere in which both the guests and the hosts improve their knowledge and experience, and apply it in the area they know as an open space”, said Jasmina Sinanović, PR of International Burch University.

„The workshop done in cooperation of Burch University, Faculty of Forestry – Sarajevo and IMLA program from Germany has been taking place for three subsequent years. Through these joint activities the Universities have established successful work cooperation that strengthens the educational program at the Department, and also students to grow professionally. This year’s workshop deals with very interesting but challenging area of the city, as it has traces of most important historical layers of Sarajevo: the development of first public buildings during the Austro Hungarian rule, the military barracks built during the socialist period, but also the controversial contemporary architectural developments that have taken place in the area in the past few year. This is why, the Department of Architecture looks forward to seeing the suggested solutions for the exercise of the University Campus master plan, and wishes success to all of the participants, said Assist. Prof. Dr. Emina Zejnilović, head of the Architecture Department at the International Burch University.