The Winners of the Burch Start Up High School Competition are the Initiators of Entrepreneurship in BiH - International Burch University
Pobjednici Burch Start Up High school takmičenja pokretači poduzetništva u BiH
January 10, 2020
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January 14, 2020

The Winners of the Burch Start Up High School Competition are the Initiators of Entrepreneurship in BiH

Smart Home is the name of the project by which Almedin Beganovic, Sead Smailagic, Ajdin Ahmetovic, Samir Sadikovic, Tarik Dambic, Almir Subasic won first place Burch Start-Up High school competition in 2018.

Participating in the competition brought this team an incredible experience, but also helped them realize that there are no boundaries if you have the willingness to learn, gain knowledge and share experiences.

„The startup competition gave us the confidence to enter the business world, which was an unfamiliar field for us, high school students. Through the preparation of workshops for the competition, we have gone through key areas of business. The competition has made us aware that we can start our own company through which we can market the products we design, that we can be leaders, that we can change the world,ˮ said Almedin Beganović, one of the participants of the competition back then, and today a first-year student of the Information Technology Department at International Burch University.

Innovation is key for projects, as evidenced by their project that was a winning idea in the StartUp competition, Smart Home, which they say is outdated today as technology advances rapidly and products are easily accessible. “Smart Home was an unknown term in our country at the time, and the goal was to bring average households into the IT world. For example, the main product would be to have a smart socket, so if you are wondering if you turned off the iron or some other device at home, turn off the power with your smartphone. “

Today’s Smart Home prototype was set up at Makerspace in Tuzla to remind them of the success they achieved in the competition and was the trigger for even better ideas that came up later such as Makerspace, TeBag, BeWave.

Makerspace is a project created after the competition and they say that it is a product of what they learned at the StartUp competition, but also through cooperation with the UN.

Makerspace is a space that is intended for high school students, students, and other citizens, who will connect with each other to realize their idea that solves a particular problem.

“When coming to competitions, we saw how many opportunities are offered to young people in Sarajevo, so we decided, at the age of 17, to make Makerspace to do the same for our peers in our city, Tuzla. We want to transfer them the knowledge we are gaining, and we are succeeding in that, because the high school students we mentored entered the Burch Start-Up competition last year and won 2nd and 3rd place, ”proudly points out Almedin.

Later the idea of Makerspace developed in other cities through BH Futures Foundation, and soon it will open its Makerspace space at Burch University.

Almedin Beganovic, Sead Smailagic, and Samir Sadikovic are students at Burch University and at Makerspace at Burch will mentor and support the ideas of high school and college students, turning them into start-up projects and later into companies.

TraceBrace is their most significant project with which they have won at UN Woman’s Hackathon where they have made an SOS bracelet to prevent violence against women and children.

TraceBrace is today a company and member of One Million Startups, a UN SDGs network that brings together start-up projects that solve problems around the world.

The goal of all ideas and projects made so far is solving a particular problem, contributing to our community or globally and they will continue to develop other projects in that direction that will soon be presented to us.

Burch University will continue to support young entrepreneurs because as Burch University pointed out, they have chosen to continue their education because it is the only entrepreneurial university in our country that provides unique support to young people to be innovative to learn entrepreneurial and management skills, and to develop their business ideas and eventually open a company in the university incubator.