Translator Training Workshop Held - International Burch University

Translator Training Workshop Held



It was first IATIS supported workshop in BiH. Representatives from the Directorate of European Integration of Council of Ministries of B&H attended the workshop as well. The workshop was presided by the prominent professor and translator from Dublin City University in Ireland, Dorothy Kenny.

Professor Kenny is the head of Applied Linguistics and Intercultural Studies department at Dublin City University, where she has been teaching translation and translation methodology since 1992. In her three lectures at BURCH  University, Professor Kenny addressed the issues of machine usage in translation, the ethics of machine assisted translation, and general guidelines for the usage of corpora in translation.

Following Professor Kenny’s lectures, guest lecturers from University of Sarajevo and professional translators presented a variety topics in the field of translation, ranging from the translation of the Roma language, to the challenge of translating the Sarajevo Haggadah. The lineup of guest lecturers included the president of the Association of Translators in BiH, Almira Drino, professors Amina Šiljak-Jesenković, Amira Sadiković, Selma Đuliman, and Nejla Kalajdžisalihović from University of Sarajevo, Professor Hedina Sijerčić from Catholic University of Leuven, and Nataša Pelja-Tabori, a professional translator.

As a token of appreciation, Dean of Faculty of Education, Professor. Azamat Akbarov, awarded a certificate of appreciation to all presenters, alongside an honorary AALBiH membership for Professor Kenny. The next lecture in the fall speaker series at the Faculty will be held in December this year.