Two Full BURCH Scholarships Presented To High School Students from Education Builds B&H - International Burch University
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Two Full BURCH Scholarships Presented To High School Students from Education Builds B&H

Today,  April 11, 2017. two high school students, members of the association “Education Builds Bosnia and Herzegovina”, visited Burch University, accompanied with their parents and with the leader of the said association, General Jovan Divjak.

Members of the Association have had the opportunity to talk with the Rector of Burch University, Prof. Dr. Damir Marjanović, on the direction of education in B&H, the development of the education sector, the differences between private and state universities and about the final selection of students when it comes to their preferences. During this occasion, two full scholarships, in the amount of 42,000 KM, were assigned to two highs school students, who are the active members of the Association.

“I come from Gymnasium Dobrinja, first I would like to thank General Divjak who chose me as a recommendation for this scholarship at Burch University. In addition I am very grateful because now I’m aware that there are people who, regardless of the environment, recognize and appreciate talented, hardworking and diligent students. I was always a big fan of Economy and extremely interested for Burch University because of their Economy faculty, but also because it is located on a practical and accessible location in my immediate neighborhood”, said one of the awarded students, Mujan Lejla, while visiting BURCH University.

As an active campaigner for the right to education, Mr. Divjak during this visit spoke about the problems of young people in B&H, and about all the barriers they face with on the road to quality education, he also emphasized that Burch University, as widely recognized educational institution, is providing highest quality education to all of its students.

“It is a pleasure to us from the Association that after 23 years of existence, we were invited for the first time, by Burch University in Sarajevo, who recognized and supported the good things for society n whole. The decision for awarding of full scholarships is a honor to the participants of our association, but is also something that all of us together can be proud of. I always remember the words of Nelson Mandela, that education is the most powerful weapon for changing the world. We fulfill this objective and come full circle because cooperation between Burch University and similar associations enables children to gain a quality education and to become valuable members in this society, ” said General Jovan Divjak.

For some of the students, Burch University is a unique opportunity to realize their desire and ambition, which perhaps could not be realized in their own arrangement, also it is huge advantage and of huge importance for one University to gain exceptionally talented students.

“I come from the Fifth Gymnasium, and also I would like to thank the Association, which was the first step in contact with Burch University. I am a member of association for four years and I take part in all the activities that we organize. Of course, our focus is primarily on education, and therefore it was clear that the association is the right path to this valuable scholarship. My primary desire was to study Genetics and Bioengineering, because I love science”, told us Lejla Kadrić.

Most universities in B&H are not too oriented towards actions that support social responsibility and because of that Burch university management this, and every next year, decided to cooperate with associations whose primary focus is education, to guide and to educate as many children from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Education is not only the “sale” of knowledge and universities should not be just a place where young people acquire  knowledge only, however universities must be responsible for socially benefitial actions, need to welcome the talented young people and all those organizations that are doing an excellent job in this realm. General Divjak is role model of the person who through his efforts proved what, and how, good B&H patriot need to act, especially when it comes to the education of young people. That is why it is our great pleasure and even bigger honor that Burch University can help young people and the association led by him. Therefore we want that every year at least two young people in this way gain the needed support of the Burch University”, concluded the rector of Burch University Prof. Dr. Damir Marjanović.