Una Bejtović Held a Workshop About Event Management at Burch University - International Burch University
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December 30, 2016
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January 2, 2017

Una Bejtović Held a Workshop About Event Management at Burch University



Being very successful event coordinator and PR manager, Ms. Bejtović shared her experiences and knowledge with the participants. In the first hour, she held a lecture on event management and talked about the most important bullet points that lead to a successful event. She focused on each of the presented points by relating it to the events which Bejtović Communications organized. The lecture was interactive and students involved themselves by asking questions and expressing opinions. As Ms. Bejtović pointed, the most important thing that comes with event management is responsibility, and nothing is done spontaneously. She also mentioned that a good event manager needs to be ready to solve problems, but there will always be something that is not working as planned. A good event manager also needs to be a good host.

After a short break, the students were divided into groups and were given a task to focus on a certain event that they want to organize and were provided with several details. Provided details included the reason why they want to organize that specific event, their target audience and the ways through which they want to promote it. Each group presented its idea and was given advice by our guest.

At the end, the President of the Business Development Club, Kanita Jahić handed a letter and a gift of appreciation to our dear guest.