U.S. Senator J. Kalani English: “American Foreign Policy Remains the Same in Bosnia and Herzegovina” - International Burch University

U.S. Senator J. Kalani English: “American Foreign Policy Remains the Same in Bosnia and Herzegovina”



Students of BURCH University, Department of International Relations and European Studies, actively participated in today’s lecture by discussing all current related issues about postwar period, the level and the presence of tolerance in modern times.

Senator J. Kalani English emphasized the importance of tolerance and building the interpersonal friendly relationships both within and outside the country. Senator is convinced that Bosnia and Herzegovina is on the right path as long as young people with their open mind approach take the lead in all future changes in education, politics and society itself. Senator promised once he becomes a president of United States that he will visit BURCH University and give a lecture again.

One of the messages of today’s lecture is certainly the peace, law, and tolerance towards each individual, and towards the communities that surround us. When asked the question of the impact of American politics’ election in Bosnia, Senator J. Kalani English answered: “American foreign policy generally remains the same within administration, they will still support women rights, democracy worldwide, and the foreign policy will not change no matter who the president is. When asked the question about his opinion on educational system in Bosnia, Senator said that he compared our “two schools under one roof” with their “separate but equal” as it is the same and he thinks it is unfortunate as peace and prosperity comes from knowing each other, and citizens have to live with each other. That is the only way. Senator also stated that Bosnia has great potential for tourism. It has its history, prosperity, people are welcoming and it takes a very little effort to tell the world to come visit Bosnia.

Rector, Prof. Dr. Teoman Duman, on behalf of the BURCH University, handed a gift to Hawaii State Senator J. Kalani English, expressing hope that our students will acquire a peaceful message, and wished Senator to have a wonderful experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina.