Various Competitions Were Organized by the ACM Club at BURCH University - International Burch University
Razna takmičenja na BURCH univerzitetu u organizaciji ACM kluba
January 18, 2017
BURCH University is partner of INFIMA camp for all B&H young and talented pupils
January 19, 2017

Various Competitions Were Organized by the ACM Club at BURCH University



As part of the competitions, the lecture was held by Medina Bandić (chair of ACM and ACM-W IBU Student Chapter), the only young person from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who was chosen to visit CERN and had a chance to work with their experts.

Vice-chair, Adi Arnautovic, gave a presentation about the ACM, presented the future activities and what possibilities all IBU ACM Student Chapter members have. It is important to mention that this is the only student chapter in B&H.

The party continued with music and song, where everyone had the opportunity to enjoy Nudžejma Kudić’s singing performance. During the program, hardworking students had the opportunity to present their work:

– Dalibor Đumić presented his work and through his example, he motivated other students.

– Tarik Ibrahimpašić, president of the Embedded Systems Club presented the work of the club.

– Ermin Podrug said a few words about himself as an IoT mentor in a Bosnian company, and urged the students to apply for internship practice.

Awards were given to winners of the competitions. The work day ended with a party where everyone had fun and celebrated their first event.