‘Waqfs in Bosnia and Herzegovina’ Seminar Held - International Burch University

‘Waqfs in Bosnia and Herzegovina’ Seminar Held



Dr. Senaid Zaimović, the Director of Community of Waqf Directorate in Bosnia and Herzegovina accompanied by Arnel Grbić, Administrator, paid a visit on 7th of April to the campus of International Burch University, and held a seminar entitled „Waqfs in Bosnia and Herzegovina“. The seminar was jointly organized by the Waqfs Directorate, Social Sciences Research Center (SSRC) in cooperation with student clubs, Student Business Development Club (BDC) and DESK.

Dr. Zaimović introduced students and academic staff historical background of the waqfs as Ottoman legacy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and took them on journey explaining political and social circumstances that affected changes from its beginnings until today. He also talked about many famous Bosnian creators of waqfs, as founder of City of Sarajevo Isa Bey Ishaković, Gazi Husrev Bey, Ferhat Pasha, Gazi Turali Bey, and many others. After the seminar, a story of waqfs in different cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina was narrated in a movie through famous B-H historians and academics.

The Director Zaimović underlined that through history Bosnia and Herzegovina was enriched by many waqfs composed of caravansary, hospitals, schools and sacral facilities which had a great importance on facilitatation of everyday life. At the end, on behalf of the organizers Elvir Čolak thanked Director Zaimović for delivering such important lecture.